We ship the orders once a week, often every Wednesday or Friday.

The store may be closed during comic conventions we're attending and during other important events.

If you selected an untracked option and in case of bad weather of Poste office problems, we may  postpone your shipping to avoid any package loss.

However, if you received an e-mail notification stating that your order has been shipped and if you think it may be lost, wait a month before contacting us.

If a month has passed, the order was probably lost by the Post office and we can discuss a solution together.

Thanks for your understanding! 


We will not accept returns.

Wendigo is not responsible of any package's loss over orders shipped through Ordinary Mail. 
If you are not sure if the package would reach you intact, you can select the shipping option 'Registered Mail'.

If you selected Priority or Registered Mail shipping options and you lost your package, please contact Wendigo at:


We accept Paypal and payment by credit card through Stripe.



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